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Women's Wellness Retreat

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Rekha Murali M.D.
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September 6th - 9th, 2018 

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Did you know that chronic stress can lead to sleep disorders, poor lifestyle, anxiety, depression, mood problems, weight gain, sleep apnea...? Take control of your life and learn how to do this with guidance from our experienced wellness experts.

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 -4 days/3 nights stay to chill out (all meals are tasty, wholesome, natural vegetarian with vegan options)
- Daily yoga with focus on meditation and deep relaxation breathing techniques to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul
- Daily group hikes to keep you active (optional)
- A gentle massage to relax your body 
- A noninvasive and painless antioxidant scan with a session on how they can support your immune system against cancer and     chronic disease and other illnesses.

Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate!

Corporate employees please check with your human resources department for wellness benefits.

You may be able to get reimbursed for yoga, nutritional counseling or the retreat itself.

Please let our staff know at time of registration.

​​$990 - dorm with shared
$1190 - double
room with shared 
$1290 - double cottage, shared bathroom
$1390 - double room en

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​by August 15th 2018

September 6th 4:00pm - 
September 9th 1:30pm

My own wellness journey began a few years ago after undergoing severe adrenal fatigue. I recuperated at a wonderful healing retreat in Kerala, India where I learnt how to incorporate meditation, breathing exercises, a healthy diet... Here, I regained my inner balance and felt whole again.

 After months of extensive research and planning we put together the most experienced wellness experts to make our workshop fun and engaging.

This is designed for modern superwomen who are living in this fast zone. Taking care of family, work, aging parents and keeping sane is a herculean task. How do you keep your mental and physical health great without falling prey to poor health? If you are the rock for your family, how can you keep yourself strong?

Stop, breathe and take a break you deserve. Put your health as your first priority. Lot of us ignore our own health needs and jeopardize everything we stand for. Let's be strong together and help each other in our sisterhood retreat and learn self healing techniques to get our health back and in the process, get new friends.

If you need 'ME TIME'  to pamper yourself this is it. Take some time off to get a great full body massage to unwind. Learn yoga, do group hikes, and fun engaging activities to self heal and get support.

We are pleased to welcome our celebrity doc Dr. Cheryl BryantBruce who has been recongnised by Time Magazine as" 100 Most Influential People in the World" for her most

inspiring talk " You are Your Best Asset, Invest in Yourself."

Join our session by Dr. Sunil Dhawan on' Natural Skin Care Remedies for Anti-aging"

Watch a demo on easy, healthy and tasty foods by our health coach Kim Baur, or attend

our organic gardening session with tips on better produce by our amazingly talented 

gardening expert Cynthia Sandberg. Learn Qi Gong by our acupuncturist Chris Randle. We have so many more fun and educational sessions.