​​​​"Dr. Rekha Murali M.D. has consistently provided a broad range of innovative and effective treatments that has enabled and sustained my health over the past 7 years.

She is tenacious and does not relent until she gets to the root of the health problem. She utilizes a variety of tests to determine the issue. She does not hesitate to send her patients to specialists.

I posed an additional challenge for Dr. Murali in that my job took me to a lot of developing countries where the risk of serious illness and disease is extremely high.
She coached me on the more common diseases and the most effective medications to address those problems.
I was on my own in these countries with no doctors or medical facilities. I was the only facilitator for 50 employees at these sites and had to perform at all cost despite exposure to malaria, dengue fever, parasites, and bacteria.

She taught me to self-diagnose and treat. I never missed a day of work on my one- to two-month trips. I was able to train large sessions for weeks at a time.

Along with travel med needs covered, she has also provided education and guidance that enhances my health via diet, exercise, and meditation. I have also worked with a nutritionist for 3 years that Dr. Murali recommended. This arrangement has yielded positive results with weight loss and balanced test panels.

More recently Dr. Murali is moving towards integrating Traditional

Eastern medicine methods along with Western medicine.

Western medicine typically manages or solves medical problems with pharmaceuticals and/or surgery, while Eastern medicine relies on a variety of natural options that can manage or cure the issue without pharmaceuticals or surgery.

Dr. Murali believes that Western and Eastern methods can be used effectively “together” for better health and outcomes.
Her philosophy on this, I think, is important to note since it illustrates that Dr. Murali is forward thinking and can move us from strictly pharmaceutical consumption when appropriate.
I receive a copy of results from Dr. Murali by mail for every lab test I take with an analysis of the results and recommendations.
Dr. Murali's treatment philosophy goes beyond just healing a current health problem. She looks at the state of the patient’s whole body, mind, and appearance.  If you are physically and mentally healthy, you will look and feel younger.

She believes in Managing our “Overall” health and "slowing the aging process."
I consistently benefit from her philosophy and treatment.
Dr. Murali is an exceptional doctor. Five Star Excellence."

~Hubert L. Courtney

Vacaville, Ca.
Retired: 36 years Service,
Chevron Corporation
Research Company, Exec. Staff
Chevron Technical University,
Corp. Organizational Change and
Leadership Facilitator.​

"I have been going to Dr. Murali for almost 8 years. I am very pleased with her. From the very beginning she has made me feel comfortable and she is so easy to talk to. I have seen her for several different health issues and she always takes the time to discuss all of my treatment options including vitamins supplements that support better immunity. She is very conscientious about keeping on top of all of my insurance requirements, forms and billings so that I am not having to deal with the hassles that I so often have to go through with other medical offices. Her staff is friendly and helpful. No one likes going to the doctor myself included, but I know that when I go to her office I am in good hands from the front of the office to the back office. I would highly recommend Dr. Murali, to anyone who is looking for a new family practitioner." ~Carol Ledbetter

​​"I am highly impressed with and thankful for Dr. Murali. She welcomes you with a friendly smile at each visit. She takes the time to listen, shows compassion for your concerns and answers your issues with care. Gives clear instructions on your health issues. Waiting time is minimal. I needed a referral to another doctor for a serious medical condition. Her choice of specialized physicians was excellent. She will continue to be my primary care physician."  ~Susan Rydman

"I would like to take this time to share my experience with Dr. Murali and her staff. Dr. Rekha Murali has always been professional, uplifting and caring with all my medical issues. She continues to review my issues with her expertise and knowledge. Two years ago I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer. I truly believe without Dr. Murali's care, I would not have recovered as needed. I still have issues, but Dr. Murali continues to review my health. Dr. Murali always makes me feel that I have the best care available. I feel very fortunate to have her as my primary physician. I want to compliment her staff as well. They are efficient and always ready to assist a patient." ~Nancy Estebez

"Dr. Murali is a very kind and caring person/doctor. When I go in to see her for my appointments I feel like she totally listens to me, I can talk to her about anything. I feel very satisfied with her ability as a physician and her knowledge. I love my doctor and her staff!!"  ~Karen M. Ritter​

“Why Dr. Murali is a FIVE STAR Physician”

June 20, 2017

Rekha Murali M.D.

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