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Why should you consider functional medicine?

Functional medicine is an individualized approach to find the root cause of disease based on scientific research. Our treatment is patient centered and not disease centered like conventional medicine. We use comprehensive exam, micro-environment testing to identify the imbalance you have and help set that right. Oftentimes, it maybe recommended diets, lifestyle changes or supplements if needed.

Wellness and Detox

​​We take pride in making you healthier without putting you on a lot of medications. We will also motivate you to be conscious of your health, so you can maintain a balance in your life. We believe in preventive care.

We use natural treatments which include focus on meditation, breathing exercises, diet or supplements.

Compared to most doctors, we take the extra time to personalise our treatments for you based on our detailed history taking, exam,and comprehensive testing, as we realize there is no one size that fits all. Our goal is to educate you and so we can work together as a team for the best possible outcomes.

For those of you that are healthy, we love to impart excellent preventive care so that you continue to improve your health both physically and mentally.

​We have expanded our wellness to include wellness retreats, detox programs, health coaching we know that living in a fast zone has its own challenges and we hope to serve you better. 

If you have symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, frequent headaches, difficulty with memory, weight gain or difficulty losing weight... a detox is what you need. Under supervision, after a detailed history, physical exam and review of your medical conditions and labs, we will recommend a personalized detox just for you. You will also need to bring all your medications including supplements and  medical history and other relevant information.Your detox includes a diet plan and regular follow ups.

At the end of detox, you will feel much better and you will loose some weight as well, and also have some of your symptoms improve.

​We do not bill insurance for these visits as insurance does not cover. This is a cash based practice. Currently, we are offering a 28 day detox program and includes 6 visits of 60-90 minutes. The cost of this program is $2200 (labs and supplements are excluded).

We also offer consultations. Our charges for a 60-90 minutes slot to give our assessment depending upon your concerns or problems is $ 250.

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