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At this time there are no known cure for this. Hopefully, we will have a cure soon. That is why we should be practicing safe distancing and shelter in place.

Even after shelter in place is removed we will still be offering telemedicine as a way to communicate /take care of you. Please call us if you have anxiety, depression or other illnesses due to loss of job, COVID 19 related or otherwise.

We are getting a lot more calls regarding this.

Our Recommedations at this time: 

Follow CDC guidelines updated regularly on their website, eat more vegetables and fruits, walk daily, twice a day if possible, practice meditation and breathing exercises, you can download apps like Head space or calm . We have no financial ties with either :). Drink more water 8-10 cups (8 Oz) if no restrictions.

Keep in touch with family and friends. Take the time to breathe and read books or get new hobbies like gardening, painting or listening to music. If you are working from home, make sure to get up and stretch every 45 minutes.  

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 COVID 19 update

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Due to the COVID 19 crisis our office is now practicing telemedicine. We now offer phone visits and video chats. We are still seeing urgent care patients on an as needed basis. We are also still doing refills and taking calls at our office.

We understand all your difficulties and are here to support you'll.