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Dr. Rekha Murali is an Internal Medicine doctor practicing medicine for over 25 years. She graduated from Madras Medical College, Madras, India in 1989 and did a special trainee course for an additional year before moving to the US in 1992.

​Having done a year of research on kidney disease in type 2 diabetes (microalbuminuria in minorities with diabetes) at USC Medical Center at Los Angeles, she then did her Residency Training at Martin Luther King Drew/ Harbor UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. During her training as a senior resident, she did a poster presentation at UCLA for her research on HIV in minorities. 

She has a husband and 3 wonderful daughters and a loving dog.
Hobbies include reading books, hiking, creative writing and traveling when time permits.

Rekha Murali M.D.

Feel younger and more energized

 Over the years, she slowly found that treatments with medications for all her patients was never enough.

With the ever growing population of chronic disease at an all time high, it soon became imperative to find other complementary treatments to get patients healthier.

As a dedicated and caring physician on the quest for better cures, she slowly started adding Integrative and Functional Medicine to her practice with a focus on lifestyle changes, and a holistic approach. She is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, ACCMA, AMA and AAPIO.

She volunteers at the different organizations.

​She has also been awarded America's Best Physician by the Consumer Board for several years. 

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